Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Something New.

Okay, as i've said before, I have a new blog now and it's ready for you all to analyze.



A little differnt version of the original site

Feel free.......just, just, feel free in a wise way though...


Monday, January 15, 2007

Blogging is Expressing Yourself

We have a new blog comming up that i'm going to have with another guy called, COG. We're working on it right now, so these precious moments while you're waiting, i'll do something here.

Play a little game.

How to Play:

In the comment box of this post, you write down your feelings about Mavilin. All about Him. His personality, character, world views, writtings, and his reasons, you think, why he made this blog. (Heh, you can't write about my face cuz you dont' know how it looks. PTL! TYJ!)

Blab all you want. Say whatever you want. Say something extremely negative or something positive. But mean it, and make your expressions come out clear and clever.

Whoever wins this game gets what you want about me.

I give you my WORD! Like, I've done since i've started this blog...


Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm NOT..


Sunday, July 16, 2006


Okay, I just got to say this: We, people, change all the time because we all influence each other through our actions and deeds. We see "good deeds" or things that we admire in some people, and we want to do them too because we want to impress others the same way.

Now thats said, I'm the same way too, and I change all the time, so, past things that i've said that you thought was either good or bad, I want you to forget them. Judge what I do in the present, not in the past. The past is over; others still influence me greatly, and so do you....

Now, I have something to say to you all: I'm sorry if i've came out to some of you people too strongly. I've let bitterness control me...Now I made up my mind to show respect towards others. "We reap what we sow" and this quote explains why "We all influence each other" - even if you thought you didn't get influenced at times. It's just like saying "You are what you watch, say, and read". Now I made up my mind to influence others in a positive way. Not by hate. There is no use in hating. It only makes things worse, we can't hate human not our fault...

Take cares everyone, love you.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Looking for certain individuals.

I'm looking for certain people who can help me with this blog. Two is much better than one. I've been busy lately, so I need certain people that are: Clever; critical; witty; stable; mature and who can understand what's the main reason why I made this blog. I'll see if you're most of these things by chatting with you. Here is my add:, and if you don't have msn messenger, just tell me your email address. Take cares.

By the way, it doesn't matter what age you're. It could be 14~25, just as long as you have maturity.

Monday, June 12, 2006

God ON god. Humping Version. Part Four.

Mavilin: Okay, i'll talk about prophecy now. This will be short, but at least it will be down-to-the-point.
Lost person: Go right ahead.
Mavilin: Ok, I'll start off by saying: Everyone says that "no one is perfect". You know that. We make mistakes, and most of them we don't know about. True, certain people say that what is bad is obviously from the devil and what is good is definetly from God. Like duh...but somethings you don't know what is what, to us (keep in mind these two words "to us").
Heres an example: You're lost one day while driving. You come to a T-section of a road; then you start asking the Lord which way to go. You get the "answer" that you should go left, but, left gets you more lost. Whats the reason for that?
Lost person: Some will say your prophecy is tainted - because of your pride, rebellion, and carelessness - , or they will say "Maybe it's because the Lord wants you to go that way".
Mavilin: Yes they ( Mainly dedicated people in the family ) will say one of those reasons, and what I think is that it, IS because the Lord wants him to go that way, even if he went the "wrong way" and got a "tainted prophecy". After all, everything is under God's control right? Even if he got a tainted prophecy, God allowed that.
Lost person: Hmmmm....well, I kind of think we do really actually have free will. Everything left by itself always gets worse. We humans are getting worse. We're left by ourselves without anyone to take care of us. We all need help, and we can't help other people if we need help ourselves.
Mavilin: Well, if we have "free" will, we'll all be like God. I mean, i'm sure God would want us to go along with His Plan and what He would want.
Lost person: So are you saying that everyone doing evil is all "His Plan"??? Are you saying that what you're doing right now is "His Plan"??? After all, you're mocking God.
Mavilin: You do have a good point. Well, lets see. Okay, yes I guess so. God DOES want evil in this world. It's pretty obvious, because people say that God knows everything and he's, like, all perfect and all. So, if hes perfect, he'll know what will happen in the future. So, he knew that Lucifer will get all proud and "fall". Even before He MADE, God obviously wanted him to fall. He made Lucifer independant; Lucifer got proud and wanted to be like God. God knew that would happen. Why? Why did God want evil in this world? God also knew MANY people will suffer before He even made Lucifer. Why did he want people to suffer and die in pain? Certain people say that it's all people's fault that there's pain this world. No, i don't think so...who made people???? Who made pain??? Who made human nature??? Who's the creator of everything?????? I think i'll leave off here for now. I know I got "off the topic", but you know...remember this: "Everything and everybody is related to everything and everyone". And as you can see, EVERYTHING and EVERYONE comes down to God. Hmmm..and thats why most people blame him for the pain He caused us.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Davinci Code.

Here is where you can share your opinions on the Davinci Code. So far I don't have any opinions on it. Maybe i'll make up some of my own when I see your opinions on it. If you have any other topics you would want to share, feel free to ask me to post it for you.

Here is a link for a seminar and an interview that Dan Brown - the arthor of the novel "Da Vinci Code" - had, on audio. In the first half of the audio, he gets out the most important things, and the last half is the interview:

Friday, May 19, 2006

God ON god. Humping Version. Part Three

Part Three.

Mavilin: Um…hi God.
God: …
Mavilin: So, did you have enough time to think about it?
God: YES! And you need to learn not to be rude.
Mavilin: Was I? Well yeah…I was, sorry…
God: Yes, anyhow, I’m not God.
Mavilin: What? Who the heck are you then?
God: I’m some lost person.
Mavilin: Oh really.
Lost Person: Yes, and you know, we can never know what God is like down here.
Mavilin: I knew that.
Lost Person: Yes. Humans just guess things all the time. We make so many mistakes. And you know, in the GNs it says that EVERYONE is responsible for everything, so if everyone is responsible for everything, then everyone is responsible for how I am right now.
Mavilin: Give an example.
Lost person: See, people say it’s ALL a murderer’s fault that he killed someone. But no, everyone is responsible. What MADE him want to kill the victim? Who did something wrong to hurt the murderer’s feelings?! Let’s say the victim did. Now, WHO made the victim want to hurt the murderer’s feelings? It COULD be that last night the victim got dumped by his girl friend, so he went crazy and got depressed; suicidal and then went and got drunk. While at the bar he accidentally got a hot head mad by teasing him about how he’s so ugly.’s too late, the hot head takes out his gun and fires a couple of shots into the depressed man’s head. NOW, you say it all started with the victim.
NO, if the girlfriend didn’t dump him that particular night, when the hot head was there, the victim wouldn’t have gotten killed.
Mavilin: was all the victim’s fault for teasing the murderer.
Lost Person: No, actually not. It was the girlfriend’s fault for making him depressed. If he wasn’t depressed then he wouldn’t have been teasing the murderer.
Mavilin: So you say it’s all the girlfriend’s fault then huh.
Lost Person: No, it still goes on and on, and it will probably end up to EVE.
Mavilin: Eve? Why Eve?
Lost Person: wait, not Eve, but it goes more down to Satan!
Mavilin: No actually, it goes down to God. God was the one who made our emotions. He made Lucifer have emotions…and the emotions overwhelmed Lucifer. Pride! And who made Lucifer? God did.
Lost Person: Hmmm…. Everyone’s responsible for how messed up I am. Everyone who goes on this blog. Everyone that talks to me. Everyone who reads what I write. They are responsible. And why’s that? It’s because if you see how messed up I am and you don’t do anything about it, you take part of the blame. What if I die tomorrow? What have YOU done to help me? What have you done to encourage me that there’s something better than all this ****. What have YOU done. Would you just go and walk away from this lost person? Or will you take action. Yeah, some of you say that you’ll just pray for me, but is that ALL you can do? Just think, if you KNOW that your loved one is going to die tomorrow. What are you going to do? Are you JUST going to pray for him when YOU can TALK to him and use all you got? Of course you wouldn’t just pray for him. You would do almost ALL you can to try to encourage your loved one because you love him. In the Bible it says “love your neighbor as yourself”. Are you doing that? Are you doing all you can to OBEY the word? Family people are SUPPOSED TO BE DOING THAT. That’s what makes the group different. That’s what makes The Family an End Time Army. If you don’t obey the word and you’re not trying, then what the hell are you doing in the Family for??? Are you just in the Family because it’s a relaxing life where you don’t have to work much, and all you have to do is be FAKE? God…this world is becoming so **** cold…. even the “End Time Army” is. There are many of you people that just think about yourselves. You just want to party, go clubbing, and flirt with the hottest guy or girl. Most of you don’t even think of how your NEIGHBORS are suffering. If someone acts like a loser, you ignore him. So much for love. There are so many people suffering, people who don’t care about others; it makes ME suicidal. See, YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE.

Monday, May 15, 2006

God ON god. Humping Version. Part One and Two

Intro: These are things I usually question about. You might have similar questions as me – Mavilin.

Part One.

Mavilin: Um, so God, how are you feeling today?
God: Well, I have many feelings at the same time.
Mavilin: Oh really? Like what kinds?
God: All kinds!
God: Well you see, I weep for all my brides that go through so so many battles; then, at the same time, I make love to all my brides who want to make love to me, and then at the same time, I laugh at all the funny things people do, and then, at the same time, I get jealous and so mad at the other gods, because as I said in my word "I am a jealous God"! And I have many more other emotions!
Mavilin: says, in your word, that "Ye (We) are gods" huh..
God: Yes. I believe so. Actually, I know so!
Mavilin: I also noticed that in your word, it says that we humans are made in the likeness of you. Is that true? It says it in Genisis 1:26.
God: Yes it is true. Everything in my word is true! I can't believe that you don't believe that. Well, actually I can believe that...tsk tsk.
Mavilin: ….You KNOW us....
God: Yes, very very well. More than you!
Mavilin: Indeed. Well, anyhow, so, if we are made like your image then we sure have emotions like you right?
God: Uhhh....Yes.
Mavilin: So! As you know what i'm going to say next, you know all of us humans with our human nature. Our selfish, proud, sensitive, and imperfect emotions that control us… and so, we are made like you, if not completely, like you…so you’ll have these emotions like us, is that right?
God: Well, you’re not completely like me. If you were then you’ll have my powers. And, about my emotions, I’ll wait until you get up here. It will be a big surprise for you.
Mavilin: Um…God, why won’t you tell me now.
God: Because I love you. And I want you to have a big surprise when you get up here. Don’t you just love surprises?
Mavilin: Depends what kinds…..
God: Ofcourse! This one you’ll be overwhelmed! Hee hee.
Mavilin: Oh GREAT! sound so sneaky.
God: Well, I have emotions like all of you do I not?
Mavilin: That’s so damn true.
God: Yes it is.
Mavilin: I’m surprised that you didn’t correct me from swearing…
God: Well, I don’t care if you swear or not. As long as it’s not bad and is not swearing about me.
God: Hey, the devil’s laughing.
Mavilin: Why???
God: Because he’s one horny guy who likes to get “fucked”. Even when he masturbates to himself, as you said “Fuck you”.
Mavilin: OMG!
God: Thank you my bride.
Mavilin: Um…what?
God: You just said “Oh MY God”…
Mavilin: Oh, but I didn’t mean it THAT way…
God: I knew that.
Mavilin: Duh, well anyway, I gtg. Next time I want to talk about free will okay? If it’s fine for you.
God: No problems. As long as you keep loving me. Okay?
Mavilin: I’ll try…
God: Good…bye bye.
Mavilin: Byes. See you next time.
God: Yes, looking forward for our next talk.
Mavilin: Yeah, I hope so too. It was interesting. Bye!
God: Yeah, I love to talk like this to humans. See you around!
Mavilin: Yeah, bye!!
God: Bye!
Mavilin: ……….
God: Hahahahah you’re wondering when this “bye” thing is going to stop huh! HA!
God: …
God: ………………..!
God: Okay then, fine, Bye!
Mavilin: Bye. Now please, I gtg.
God: Okay, Bye.

Part Two.

Mavilin: Hey, God.
God: Hi, I really missed you.
Mavilin: Miss me? I though you were everywhere.
God: Yeah, but I miss talking to you.
Mailin: Okay, fine. Yeah, I want to talk about free will today.
God: Yes, okay, go right ahead.
Mavilin: Okay, you said that you gave us all free will, right, so that we can do whatever we want to do right? Anything.
God: That’s what the GN’s say.
Mavilin: And that we are NOT robots or slaves huh?
Mavilin: Well, you see, you said that all things work together for good and that you never ever make a mistake and that nothing goes wrong with your plans. So! You know everything we are going to do and we DO things WHAT YOU WANT US TO DO…it’s not like we have FREE will to do what WE want to do. We are controlled by you.
God: NO! Did you read the WHOLE Verse yet?? Rom 8:28, it says that all things work together for good, to them that LOVE God, and to them who are CALLED according to his purpose.
Mavilin: Well, I’m sure you’re the almighty God that RULES everything, and that you have everything under control. So all things WILL work together for good..or, for YOUR good…
God: Indeed so.
Mavilin: Sooooooooo!!!! We’re like slaves working for you, for you to have PLEASURE! And for you to have such a wonderful time RULEING US ROBOTS!
Mavilin: You very well know what I’m talking about. After all, you’re the “All Knowing God”! RIGHT?
Mavilin: Yeah. DUH. You love me. You love me because I’m your sex slave. You were feeling bored alone up there in your little space so you MADE US!!!
God: NO!! THAT’S NOT TRUE! NO!! MAVILIN! I would NEVER do that!!
Mavilin: Yes you would, it even says it in your WORD!
God: Where??
Mavilin: Um..hello? Don’t you read your own BIBLE?? It says in Revelation 4:9-11. “And when those beasts give GLORY and HONOUR and THANKS to him that sat on the throne, who liveth for ever and ever, The four and twenty elders fall down before him that sat on the throne, and WORSHIP him that liveth forever and ever, and cast their crowns before the throne, saying, THOU ART WORTHY O LORD. TO RECEIVE GLORY AND HORNOR AND POWER: (now here it is…) FOR THOU HAST CREATED ALL THINGS, AND FOR THY PLEASURE THEY ARE AND WERE CREATED.
Mavilin: See???? This is why you created us! You were getting very horny and bored up there so you created us! And also you said that you had the same emotions as us HUMANs huh???? WELL YOU KNOW….human nature is selfish, sensitive, proud, and we all want to feel LOVED by someone. (It’s true…). EVERYBODY NEEDS LOVE! We all feel horny. We all want things for ourselves, and “caring” for other people is, in a way, helping ourselves. And people handling is fake. But of course, there still is true love in us, but right now…you SEE humans these days, only living for themselves. Killing one another, raping one another, and stealing from one another…LIEING to one another, and I’m sure you have THESE EMOTIONS TOO!
God: *Gasp*
Mavilin: Yes, human nature LOVES PRASIE! THEY LOVE to be loved by others. We even die trying to find true love. We love to rule others. It’s all human nature. Now, since you have all the human nature WE have - because you said that we are made like you in your word – I can understand why you made us, why we are here, why we get DAMNED if we don’t OBEY and WORSHIP you!!!! And WHY THE DEVIL DIDN’T LIKE YOU!!! HE rebelled against you. He wanted to be totally the opposite of you. He had EMOTIONS LIKE ALL OF US! He wanted to rule other’s too! Now he has all these demons under his feet. And MOST of the people on this planet earth are under his feet worshiping him! He also didn’t like worshiping you, God. You’re one selfish God, and that’s why they say that praising you, is the best thing to do, even better than prayer. Yes, If I was God, I would definitely love PRAISE better than prayer… it’s all human nature! I have read in many many books about people handling. They all say that praising others and complementing others and showing appreciation towards others is the best thing to do. We humans all love complements.
God: Uh uh…!!
Mavilin: See! Don’t you just LOVE to LIE! Human nature! Or should I say “gods’ nature”!....
God: silly little..BRAT!
Mavilin: Oh don’t be such an emotional, sensitive person…you see! Now God is offended!!! Snicker.
God: Shut Up!
Mavilin: Hey hey, remember, I’m a god too and I have free will so you don’t tell me what to do.
God: Bye.
Mavilin: BYE bye...i’ll talk with you next time.
God: *Grunt* YES! And I’ll show you that all you talk about is LIES! I just need to think about it first!
Mavilin: Tsk… you need to “think about it”?? Gosh, I thought you were PERFECT so that it won’t even take one second for you to give me back an answer!
God: *Grunt*
Mavilin: Yeah, I got to go now too. It was nice debating with you…snicker. Bye!
God: *Grunt*
Mavilin: *Thinks* Heh, God is so emotional…and SLOW…

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Sunday, May 14, 2006


Suddenly, I awake to the sound of your breath
My eyes adjust for a few seconds in the dark
To my horror I find myself lying down, naked
Both you and me, groaning in the park

Both you and me, with our strong dark emotions
Controlling you and me. Our sad mudded devotions

We look into each other's eyes, but no, we cannot see
Oh how we're being so fucked. So so damn endlessly

Your thoughts, and dreams of passions overtake your weak empty soul
You, you become so polluted with darkness of the cold

You're blinded by what you think you can obviously see
Still, you're torchering me now, you're raping the helpless me

Then suddenly, a shawdow of pain grips my frail failing heart
I screem out in horror as i now realize, why you're here, stabbing.
"NO, NO, why?", I cry out once again. "Now I know why you're HERE!"
I was the foolish, coward one. The first ONE who start...

Suddenly, I awake to the sound of your breath
My eyes adjust for a few seconds in the dark
To my horror I find yourself lying down, naked
Both you and me, groaning in the park...

May 3, 2006



And empty
Up our Daggers
With hatred in our souls; in our
Torchered and polluted minds
Nothing else matters
We'll fight
We'll strive
We'll fight
While alive
We will kill
We will lose
We will steal
We've chosen
To either kill
Or to suicide
Which 1 will
You decide!
You'll still
Be here
To kill